Automatic machine manufacturing

What is two part resin?

Two part resin is thermosetting resin hardened as a polymer by mixing base resin and a hardening agent.

The main kinds of two part resin

  • Urethane resin
  • Epoxy resin
  • Silicone resin
  • Acrylic resin
  • polyester resin

The use of two part resin

It is widely used in various fields, such as electronic components, auto parts, sporting goods, and housing building materials.

The use of two part resin

The process by manual

The process by manual

By automating these, the increase in efficiency of work, the improvement in safety, and quality stabilization are made. And the manpower saving by work improvement and laborsaving are attained.

Two-part resin dispenser

Two-pack resin dispenser is equipment which carries out comparison measurement of the 2 liquefaction resin, and performs mixture and fixed-quantity discharge.

Two-part resin dispenser


A circulation system is adopted and base resin and a hardening agent are circulated within each line. For this reason, there is no being late of a discharge start and the compounding ratio and the amount of discharge of base resin and a hardening agent are stable compared with a general system. It is a highly efficient discharge machine where even button operation comes out and which can perform a change setup.


The main functions

1.Discharge valve part(PAT.)
It is a peculiar circulation change type discharge valve. Circulation is changed to discharge in an instant, and discharge with a high system is performed. The opening-and-closing stroke of a valve is a micro gauge system.
2.Mixing part
It is a direct mixing system by a motor. Compulsive mixture is possible also for resin with a mixed large ratio difference, or resin with a viscosity difference.
3.Auto wash machine
Washing of a nozzle apical portion can be performed in tens of seconds. Moreover, the flushing system of mixture of a solvent and air can wash in the minimum amount of solvents.
4.Tank part
Three kinds of tanks are prepared.1L~20L(EX-501)、5L~20L(EX-601)、5L~100L(EX-701)
5.The amount adjustment of discharge
The amount of discharge and a compounding ratio can be set up by a touch panel.
6.Digital pressure gage
Since fluid pressure is managed full time, if abnormal, you will be told immediately.
7.Alarm function
Since alarm is engaged in each function, at the time of occurrence of abnormality, you are told by buzzer sound and a character representation.

High Spec Small Dispenser

High Spec Small Dispenser EX-501i Type

Although it is small, abundant option setup is possible. Anyone can do operation simply by a touch panel.

Size Width700×Depth700×Height1480
Weight about 150kg
Discharge quantity 0.05~2.0㏄/second shot
Tank 1L~20L

High Spec Large/Medium Dispenser

High Spec Large/Medium Dispenser EX-701 Type
EX-701 Type

This machine is a standard model There is a function to set up the rate of a compounding ratio automatically according to the amount of discharge.

Size Width1400×Depth1200×Height1800
Weight about 650kg
Discharge quantity 2.0~100㏄/second shot
Tank 5L~100L(Option)

Non-Washing・Disposable Dispenser

Disposable mixer adoption. Washing of the ending time of work was lost. Moreover, discharge work is possible at a handgun.

Non-Washing・Disposable Dispenser EX-701S Type
EX-701S Type

Size Width1200×Depth1200×Height1800
Weight about 600kg
Discharge quantity 5~30㏄/second shot
Tank 5L~100L


Vacuum degasing apparatus Air bubbles are removed out of the liquid in a tank with a vacuum pump
Heating circuit The temperature of each tank line mixing part is adjusted
Tank stirrer It is used for the time of heating of the liquid in a tank, or the degassing operation in liquid, and the prevention from filler precipitation.
Residual quantity detection in a tank The materials residual quantity in a tank is detected and you are told by panel alarm.
Anti-Friction pump It is used when the hard filler is contained in liquid.