Automatic machine manufacturing

We have business automatic machine production obtained in aluminum container manufacturing.
We are mainly manufacture the automatic machine of an apparatus for manufacturing rubber roller.
We can manufacture machinery that fulfills the requests of the usage site, as machinery design, electronic circuit design and program production (PC, sequencers, touch panels etc.) is done in one place alongside detailed discussions.

The experienced staffs, who implement the design of hundreds of labor saving devices, will produce detailed, sophisticated designs.

Primer coating machinePrimer coating machine
This is a primer coating machine, of which we make many types. Many application methods are possible, according to the primer, such as brush application, spray application and roller application. Drying furnaces and palletizers can be added. Stable quality allows the number of faulty rubber rollers in the manufacturing process to be significantly reduced.

Device that is aligned automatically product, to gain on the pallet.
By placing before and after the primer coating machine, to allow unattended operation for a long time.

2 liquid mix dispenser2 liquid mix dispenser
This machine mixes 2 resins, such as silicon resin and acrylic resin, at an accurate ratio, and stirs and dispenses the mixture. You can select the type such as power mixers and static mixers.
High precision resin mixing is possible through the combination of a vacuum degassing tank for resins and a temperature adjustment heater. It can adapt to a range of work by combining the position selection device using X,Y movement and robot arm.

Filling machineFilling machine
This machine fills containers with fluids such as chemicals and attaches the lid. The filling volume can be measured using electronic scales and sensors, and faults are detected automatically.

Electrolytic solution injection machineElectrolytic solution injection machine
This machine injects lithium ion batteries with electrolytic solutions. Penetration to the fine stacked electrodes is possible in a short time.
Design and manufacture is possible from prototype filling machines for filling 1 piece, to mass manufacturing facilities for 10 pieces at a time.