This kaleidoscope is made manually one by one, and has a prejudice in the merit of quality. It is made by the Japanese craftsman. Aluminum tube is anodized and polished. A Japanese-made material is used. Crystal is a product of nature with a transparent feeling. Value of the kaleidoscope is a beauty when looked into. This invites you to the beautiful world.

Teleidoscope will change all the things to see to a kaleidoscope pattern. You can go with anywhere this kaleidoscope is small. It can enjoy the kaleidoscope which is different each time. The lens with a round tip is using the crystal called "happy jewelry". There are a necklace type and a key case type. Please choose from 14 colors.

Oil type KaleidoscopeOil type Kaleidoscope
It looks very fantastically by being immersed in oil. This is a kaleidoscope to enjoy slide and rotate the end of the glass tube. The image will change each time you rotate. Even if small, there is attractive beauty. Please choose from 12 colors.

Wedding ScopeWedding Scope
The object is contained in the center of around pipe, and two people can see simultaneously. That we see the same thing from two different viewpoints is the metaphor of marriage. It is ideal for birthday gift or wedding gift. Please choose from 12 colors.